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We’re Brightside Planning, the modern alternative to traditional and unimaginative financial planners. We take the power of smart investments and financial strategy and combine it with what really matters – getting the most out of life. Talk to us about how we can help unlock your life & money.

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Estate Planning

We work with families across generations to make sure their assets are managed, distributed and transferred in a way that supports the goals of everyone involved. We also provide insight and advice around any tax implications that come with assets being shared within your family.



Peter and his wife had put a lot of thought into managing their money, but it was never at the expense of enjoying themselves. They had always taken all the holidays they’ve wanted, many of which in a motorhome that has taken them thousands of miles.

They were worried that giving up work meant giving up the things they loved, but Brightside Planning helped them realise that didn’t need to be the case. What’s more, they showed them how it was possible to stay in their family home as long as they liked.

With a new financial plan, Peter was given the confidence to make some new investments including a couple of buy to let properties that would provide a steady income.


Russell & Sharen

Russell has always counted the pennies, always conservative with money. After meeting with Brightside Planning, Russell and Sharen’s perspective started to shift. They spent five hours talking about life, goals and how they see the future. By the end of the meeting they began to realise that following the ‘standard’ life plan wasn’t the only way. 

It was quite the wakeup call. With a new outlook, they began to work on a new financial plan that was structured around fun – not just figures.



The couple turned to Brightside Planning to help assess their financial situation and set about creating a plan for the future. By looking at their assets, income potential and financial protection products they were able to see the future through a new set of eyes.

They learnt that it would be possible for them to spend two years travelling the world, exploring the places they have always wanted to visit. Their travels took them to Cambodia, Equador, Galapogos Island and Thailand.

After David passed away, Belinda continued to work with Brightside Planning to keep her financial plan on track. This gave her the confidence to make important life decisions.


Money Myths 3You should always accumulate wealth

What’s the use of slaving away to build up assets that you won’t get to enjoy? A lot of our clients find out that it’s possible to enjoy the life they want with the assets they already have.


Money Myths 2Always diversify

The idea that the only good portfolio is a diverse portfolio has been around for a long time. But there are many situations where being more narrowly invested can actually be a better approach.

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