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We’re Brightside Planning, the modern alternative to traditional and unimaginative financial planners. We take the power of smart investments and financial strategy and combine it with what really matters – getting the most out of life. Talk to us about how we can help unlock your life & money.

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It’s important to have financial protection in place to take care of any liabilities and support your family should anything change in your circumstances. We can advise on life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and other options to give you piece of mind.


Jim & Jenny

When they first met with Brightside Planning their goal was clear. They wanted to travel Europe on their bikes. The challenge was how to achieve that.

By looking at their life and business as a whole, Brightside Planning suggested that they realise the value they had built up in their business by putting it up for sale. This would realise enough money for them to stop working and start enjoying life.

With the business sold and their assets reorganised, they set about planning the trip of a lifetime.



The couple turned to Brightside Planning to help assess their financial situation and set about creating a plan for the future. By looking at their assets, income potential and financial protection products they were able to see the future through a new set of eyes.

They learnt that it would be possible for them to spend two years travelling the world, exploring the places they have always wanted to visit. Their travels took them to Cambodia, Equador, Galapogos Island and Thailand.

After David passed away, Belinda continued to work with Brightside Planning to keep her financial plan on track. This gave her the confidence to make important life decisions.


Money Myths 3You should always accumulate wealth

What’s the use of slaving away to build up assets that you won’t get to enjoy? A lot of our clients find out that it’s possible to enjoy the life they want with the assets they already have.


David & Judith

When David and Judith first met with Brightside Planning, they weren’t too sure what to expect. But what they experienced took them by surprise. They got into a long conversation about their plans, goals and what they wanted to get out of life. They felt like they could really open up and talk about anything.

Two meetings later, they realised that their pipe dream of moving to the coast wasn’t a pipe dream after all. They learnt that by restructuring their finances it could soon be a reality. However, the thought giving up work early did worry them. They didn’t want to have to live as penny pinchers – and that’s what they thought retirement would mean.

But Brightside Planning was able to show them how, with some smart investments, their life on the coast would be just as comfortable as it was now.


Money Myths 2Always diversify

The idea that the only good portfolio is a diverse portfolio has been around for a long time. But there are many situations where being more narrowly invested can actually be a better approach.

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